Winning Tips in Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines, whether land-based or online casinos provide jackpots that are considerably higher than the usual. To some who managed to hit the jackpot, the experience could be life changing.

The possibility of hitting the huge jackpot is simply tempting which is why people prefer to play progressive slots more than any other game. With progressive slot machines, you can have an opportunity to receive a much higher payout. The enjoyment aspect becomes second only to the anticipation of hitting the jackpot.

When it comes to progressive slots, there is always a possibility that the jackpot will be hit despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. These machines are designed to fuel the other machines to generate a considerable amount of money at a rapid pace. In general, a portion of the money played on each machine will determine the amount of the progressive jackpot. The sum of money on individual machines will continue to build up until there is an eventual winner. The task of winning the jackpot can be a tedious process. But, by the time someone wins the prize, the amount is already very hefty.

Now, let us take a look at the three kinds of progressive slots and their basic design.

The first kind of machine is the stand alone. As the name implies, this machine is independent from the other slots. The only percentage of money that it takes is from itself. Because of this, the cash prize is much lower than the combined amount from the other machines. It may take even longer to make someone wealthy. Identical machines will have different jackpots so choose the machine offering the highest jackpot.

The next kinds of machines are the in-house progressive slots. These machines are operated by a single casino. The linking is done through the casino's own network. In addition, the portion of money given to the progressive jackpot is generated from similar slots in one casino. There is no casino linking to another casino. Compared with the stand-alone machine, however, the jackpot would be much higher in these machines.

The third kind of progressive machine is the wide area slot. The jackpots offered by these machines are considered as the biggest in the entire casino industry. The manufacturers of the machine are the ones who install the machines and they generate the money from similar kinds of machines from different casinos located throughout the whole of Las Vegas. In contrast with the two other kinds of progressive slot machines, the jackpot offered by these machines is enormous. A portion of the progressive slots are divided between the casino and the manufacturers, but the machines are operated by the creators.

So for people who are looking for big money playing progressive slots, it will be a good move to play the Wide Area Progressive Slots.