Myths on Slot Machines to Know and Avoid

Like any other tales these myths are passed from one person to another until it becomes gospel. These misconceptions and myths are harmless but they take away your enjoyment in the casino and they add more to your frustration. Let's take a loss and a win without some false logic. Here are some of the most popular myths and the truth behind them.

If someone wins a jackpot on a slot machine that you just left, you would have gotten that jackpot if you did not stop playing.

This is not true. Slot machines have a computer chip processor that runs the Random Number Generator (RNG). Even if the machine is not being played, the Random Number Generator still continue to cycle through numbers, and when you pull the handle or hit the spin button, it picks a combination given at that microsecond. It is unlikely that you would stop the RNG at the right combination. Just by getting coin in your pocket or having a glimpse of someone the RNG has already cycled though hundreds of thousands of combinations .

A machine that has not been paying will hit the jackpot.

The spin of the reels are random and you cannot predict this. The results of the past do not affect the next spin. Do not waste too much time or even play more on the same machine because of this myth. You will only end up frustrated leaving with an empty pocket.

Casinos have a switch where they can tighten or loosen the slot machines.

A computer chip runs these slot machines which determine the win percentage. The casino would have to change the chip if they want to change the pay back percentage. If the computer chips are to be replaced, there is paper work to be done and will be reviewed by the Casino Control Commission. The chips are very expensive and this is time consuming.

The condition of the coins can affect the machine.

Temperature cannot affect the machine. Old, new, hot or cold coins do not affect the machine. A slot machine has no feeling and it is a mechanical device. Do not try to heat up a coin with a lighter you will just burn your fingers.

Using slot club card on a machine will lessen pay backs.

There is no connection between the RNG and the card reader, the RNG still continuously to cycle the numbers randomly.