Take a Ride at Soul Train Slot machine

Soul Train slot machine is a licensed slots game that is based from the popular television program during the 70's. Don Cornelius gives somebody the use of his tone of voice for this game.

This Mystery Progressives slot features other places and music over the past 35 years. Throughout these years, Soul Train has presented almost all R and B, Soul and Hip-Hop of that era. It also added some number of gospel and jazz performances.

Soul Train is considered Afro-American's yardstick in the music world. Even today, they still thrill some audiences. Certainly, occupying yourself with Soul Train slots is a melancholic journey for gamblers, and Soul Train is a favorite game for old-timers who were born during this era.

Soul Train Slot Machine Specifications

This Mystery Progressive slot works on a five reel slot machine. Soul Train belongs to the penny category of slots games and this machine has the fifteen paylines, twenty paylines and the twenty five paylines features. The most bet players can wager is twenty (20) coins for each line, therefore the peak bet on this slot game is five dollars.

Soul Train like any other penny slots offers a tough bonus roll structure, alongside numerous multipliers. The jackpot on Soul Train slots is in the multi-stage progressives.

The Megajackpots Mystery Progressive Slots

The machine's Mystery Progressives involves a nine level interactive progression game, a novelty of its type. The prospect of hitting two progressive on a single occasion makes Soul Train game exceptional. The Jackpot rate of recurrence employs the popular Fort Knox method of determining the progressive jackpot. Followers of IGT's progressive system will surely find total entertainment with the progressive slot of Soul Train.

But what caught my attention is why IGT bothered to create a "secrecy game" out of Soul Train slots, but it's tough to dispute this slot machine with the aim of offering players the opportunity to play at two successive progressives. When players activate its interactive anonymous progressive, players will get a chance at any of the potential nine progressive gauge prizes. At hand are 4 crimson awards, 4 azure awards and the lone apex level prize.

How the Progressive Functions

As soon as players start the progressive, they can select from an inventory of tiles. There are variations on the tiles color which include: green arrow, crimson tiles, azure tiles and the reddish blue tiles. Players must find the green arrow for this is the key for players to move up higher on the cash tree. If ever players bring together three green arrows, then they will move forward to another game's stage.

Unfortunately, hitting 3 crimson tiles or getting 3 azure tiles will end the game. Your only consolation is that whatever tiles you get will merit some jackpots. One nice thing with the progressive jackpot of Soul Train slots is that getting crimson or an azure tile permits players to get both top prizes. In the event you get a mixed tile, then you'll be eligible to get the crimson and azure prizes.